[Web Previewer] It can not preview directly on our server.

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Published on 2018-11-19 by Rui Mendes
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Published on 2018-11-19 by Rui Mendes


I was using it, but found that it could not preview on our own server.

I don't know why?

Hello Eric,

Just a thought.

If the website with the preview is HTTPS, You will not be able to see links in not secured links (http).

If it is a file, which file are you uploading?


HI Eduardo:

We embrace this component,But the downloaded component cannot run on our server(doc,pdf,ppt);

I think for two reasons:

Did you tried without the https, but instead with http?


Hi Eric.

What the component does is use the public APIs from Google and Microsoft to preview the files, based on the URL.

I believe your hkhkgs458 server has firewall rules that prevent the component's communication to the APIs. That's why it works on the eric-du environment.

Hope this helps unlock your situation.


Rui Mendes


Nice catch, Rui :)

hi all:

I also have a question about file security. If this component is adopted, will my file be posted to a third party, resulting in file leakage.

According to Rui answer, yes. Your file will be sent to the service that does the rendering.