When we create Theme, which approach is better SIlk Default or Native Look and Feel?

When we generate the theme using https://silkui.outsystems.com/silkuimobilecustomizer/

there are two options:

or Native Look and feel

1-SILK Default

2- Native Look and Feel.

Which one is better , please suggest?



Hi Dileep, 

It's pretty much self-explained, I guess: Silk Default will provide a single look and feel for Android and iOS for easier maintenance (i.e. "one style to rule them all"), since the theme will be always the same in any device [1] - the key driver here is if you're building a Digital Operations app (i.e. focusing more on the efficiency of the business process you're helping to transform with your mobile app).

On the other hand, the Native Look and Feel will apply a different look and feel for each operating system (iOS, Android). The decision has much to do with your target end-users, I guess - so, it will be better from a user experience requiring that native look & feel, but any UI changes will require changes in the CSS of both operating systems [1] - so the key driver here is instead if you're building a Digital Customer Experience app, for example (i.e. focusing more on the end-user and customer engagement requiring that pixel perfect quality).

Reference: [1] Using Silk UI Mobile Theme Customizer, https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/SILK_UI_Framework/06_Customizing_Silk_UI/Using_Silk_UI_Mobile_Theme_Customizer