I have been running through the training exercises and one thing i have a question on is the coding language. How am i supposed to know what to type in in certain situations for things such as

BookingForm.Record.Booking.CheckOutDate > BookingForm.Record.Booking.CheckInDate

or even Movie.Id = MovieId

It shows in the exercises what to type in but doesnt really explain why and where these came from.

Hi Chris,

When you are editing an expression it shows in the bottom from where things come from:

You can see in my example that the User.Is_Active comes from attributes in the Aggregate that I'm using. You can also expand the other items and see what you can use...

In you first example, the values come from the Record that is in a Form.



how would I go about knowing how to use

SELECT {Room}.* FROM {Room} WHERE @NumberOfAdults > 0
AND {Room}.[AdultsCapacity] >= @NumberOfAdults
AND {Room}.[AdultsCapacity]+{Room}.[ChildrenCapacity]>=@NumberOfAdults+@NumberOfChildren
(SELECT 1 FROM {Booking} WHERE {Booking}.[RoomId] = {Room}.[Id]
AND (@CheckInDate BETWEEN {Booking}.[CheckInDate] AND {Booking}.[CheckOutDate] - 1 OR @CheckOutDate BETWEEN {Booking}.[CheckInDate] + 1 AND {Booking}.[CheckOutDate])
AND {Booking}.[StatusId] <> @CanceledStatus)
ORDER BY {Room}.[Price] ASC

which is part of the final project exercise?

Hi Chris,

This is SQL language. It is a common language used to model, fetch and manipulate data in relational databases.

If you're not familiar with it, I strongly advise you to try to learn it.

Hello Chris

Adding to what Aurelio said... try https://www.w3schools.com/sql/

It's free e can be a good starting point.