Dear All,,

Please help me

how to add menu icon, where the menu that I take from the database that I created

Hi man, I don't know if I get it. Clarify it for us.

Best Regards

Paulo Ricardo

Hi Hothorasman,

If I understand you correctly;

1. Just double-click the Menu Webblock: 

2. Drag and drop your screens to the menu block which you would like to put in your menu.

3. Select the Menu item + ctrl + W 

4. You can see that probably an "icon" is missing in you recently added menu item. Place it in the correct place.

Is this what you are searching for?  

Hi Hothorasman,

Are you creating a Web App or a Mobile App? What menu are you talking about? What menu icon do you intend? The hamburger menu icon on mobile, or an icon in front of the menu text? You say you want to use the menu "from the database", does that mean you don't use the standard OutSystems menu?

In general, if you want people to be able to help you, you need to supply more information than you did.