Could not create index on 'SS_KEY

Could not create index on 'SS_KEY


===== Restarting OutSystems Services =====


Stopping RMI Registry Service                              [  OK  ]

Stopping OutSystems Deployment Controller Service          [  OK  ]

Stopping OutSystems Deployment Service                     [  OK  ]

Stopping OutSystems Log Service                            [  OK  ]

Stopping OutSystems Scheduler Service                      [  OK  ]

Starting RMI Registry Service                              [  OK  ]

Starting OutSystems Deployment Controller Service          [????????!]

Starting OutSystems Deployment Service                     [  OK  ]

Starting OutSystems Log Service                            [  OK  ]

Service Center Installer v10.0.604.0


Start installing Service Center v10.0.604.0...

This operation may take a few minutes to complete...


Publishing Extension(s)...

Publishing Extension 'OMLProcessor'...

Publishing Extension 'IntegrationStudio'...

Reading ServiceCenter.oml oml file information...

Adding ServiceCenter eSpace to database...

Compiling ServiceCenter eSpace...


Preparing ServiceCenter eSpace deployment...

Deploying ServiceCenter eSpace...

Message 2

  [Error] Upgrade Error

Could not create index on 'SS_KEY,PRODUCER_SS_KEY,KIND,CONSUMER_VERSION_ID' of entity 'Espace_Reference'. make the same result.

Tryed to drop and recreate oracle DB from scratch. Nothing helps.

Hello Pavel,

I would say that this is a matter for the OutSystems support.Out of curiosity, are you trying to update from wich version?

Also, are you following correctly all the steps in the Checklist?


Hey Pavel,

Did you find a solution for this?

Was a matter of permissions?

Raphael Ranieri wrote:

Hey Pavel,

Did you find a solution for this?

Was a matter of permissions?

Yep, whole thing was about latest oracle release, switched to minor older ver of DB.


Which version of Oracle are you using now? We have the same problem with Oracle 12c R2...