Validation Tools bug

Validation Tools bug

Hi all,

in the Validation Tools solution, I guess the email validation in server side is accepting chars like 'ã' and 'ç'.
Meanwhile, the client side validation is working just fine.

Thanks for your support and hard work.

Rui Félix
Hi Rui,

Thank you for the tip. I already changed the solution, so you can download the fix.
I added a site property to the eSpace so that the regular expression string for the email validation can be configured. There are a lot of possibilities you can find them in (search for email).

The CheckID from oml works for "Bilhete de Identidade" and "Cartão de cidadão" Id?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Cristina,

The CheckID performs the algorythm validation used in "Bilhete de Identidade". As far as I know this hasn't change for the "Cartão do Cidadão".


Ok. Thank you.


Sorry, but I've tested the CheckID with my BI number and its returned "wrong check number".
I'm just use "checkID(EditRecord1.Record.CANDIDATURAS.NumeroIdentificacaoCivil)".

Can you help?


Hi Cristina,

You must put also the check digit for the validation.

hi all,

I'm trying to use CheckID and I have the same problem with Cristina.

"You must put also the check digit for the validation."


best regards,

Hi Sérgio,

Portuguese ID number has check digit. See image below.

In this example to validate the ID Number you'd have to put 118666070.

With this check digit it is not possible to validade the ID Number.

You can read more about this here or search for it in google.

hmm ok

very thanks ;)