my certification doesn't appear in my profile

Hi all.

I checked in my personal profile into the community and I didn't find my certificate. Someone could tell me if there is another section beyond badge where I can find it ?



Is the certification associated with the same email address/account as this one?  Wondering if that is a part of it.

Either way probably would need to open a Support ticket with OS to get it fixed.


Hello Luciano,

First, you should check if you are using an account that is the same you used for the certifications.
Second, you should check if the certification is a valid one. Like, prior to recent changes a certificaction was valid only for 2 years, now is for life (but per version). I think if your certification was done prior to 2016 (or 2015? maybe), it wasn't valid anymore.

In any case, if you go to yout profile, you should see your certification badges all the time and the option to make them public or not:

If you merged your account with a different one, you may had some problem.
In this case, I suggest you to contact the OutSystems support.



Thank you guys. I have just sent an email to OutSystems support.