Authentication problem after upgrading HTTPRequestHandler

Authentication problem after upgrading HTTPRequestHandler

If you're experiencing authentication problems after upgrading HTTPRequestHandler extension, the cause may be related to a breaking change in HTTPRequestHandler. This affects (but it's not limited to) old versions of EnterpriseManager.


When you try to login, symptoms may include:

- "The page isn't redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete" (Firefox).

- The browser just hangs (like being continuously refreshed in a loop) or shows "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" (IE).


A breaking change in HTTPRequestHandler.

The new HTTPRequestHandler extension has a new path input parameter for the SetCookie that if empty, then it will not match the path in the cookie retrieved through the browser, hence, the GetCookie method will always return an empty string. (Miguel João).


Find all SetCookie usages (EnterpriseManager) and fill CookiePath parameter with value: "/".

Thanks to Miguel and Vasco for helping with this.

Paulo Ramos

I came across this myself back in March. The response in the post indicated that engineering was working on making my suggested changes. Here is a link to the post:
Thanks for the feedback, Ken.

Yes, later versions of EnterpriseManager should not suffer from this problem. My version was fairly old, though.
The version of EnterpriseManager published on the Solutions site doesn't suffer from this problem.
When that parameter of SetCookie is ommited, the cookie path will be set as the current eSpace/Tenant/Personal Area combination, as this should be the most common case for most eSpaces not integrated with Enterprise Manager.
Gustavo Guerra
I have the same problem, but still can't geti it working with this solutions. Neither the solution worker nor the EnterpriseManager version is old.
Any suggestions?
I'm logging on with default user (admin, admin).
Thank's in advance,
Francisco Neto