Frequent problem: Client-Side Tabs only display the first tab.

When the eSpace's Web Screen Rendering mode is set to Quirks and you place client-side tabs inside a table, only the first tab will appear.

The cause of this problem is the difference in the CSS's inheritance model between the two modes.
In Quirks mode, tables will never inherit the definitions of their parents. You can see this effect by setting the foreground color of paragraphs in your eSpace stylesheet to red and then putting a paragraph inside a table cell. In Standards mode, the text inside the table cell will appear as red, while in Quirks mode it will appear as the default: black.
Inside Service Studio, you can watch this effect by using the Preview mode of the Web Screen editor. (Unfortunatelly, the Design mode of Service Studio web screen editor is very similar to Quirks mode)

Remember: whenever you use the web blocks from WidgetLibrart40, make sure your eSpace's Web Screen Rendering mode is set to Standards. Otherwise they will not work properly. People often forget this when upgrading pre-4.0 eSpaces.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra