Monitor health of externals services called through API?


I have an outsystems web service that calls a number of other services through restful and soap APIs, as is common. These service may go down or start to respond slower etc. I'd like a way to monitor these dependencies, via http response code and time. I have been looking through the documentation but can't see anything that would allow me to access this data in a way that I can use. 

I'd like to have a custom application that could access this information in some way to produce graphs and send alerts etc. The only issue I can see is accessing this data. The data I need is available in the logs in Monitoring > Integrations > type: Rest(Consume) (The SOAP consume does not seem to contain response status, but this may just be configuration). Is there any API on the outsystems platform that would allow me to access this data? Or does anyone have any other suggestions on how to monitor external service calls on the outsystems platform? Any help is appreciated.


I haven't seen anything ready for that. But if the information is being displayed on Service Center, it is stored in your database. Take a look at the logic tables. You'll probably need to create your app reading data from those tables.

PS. And it would a pretty interesting component to be published on Forge.