email campaign manager

email campaign manager

I downloaded and installed the e-mail campaign manager solution.

Got it working in about 5 minutes! that's a good start...

When creating a new campaign, I can supply a 'target url', if I understand correctly this is the url in the email you want the recipients/contacts to follow. If this url is clicked, it is measured as an 'reply' defining the success rate of the campaign.

However, my test e-mails did not result in any replies (although I have clicked the target url myself).

I cannot find out how the application keeps track of the 'clicked url's' ...... help would be appreciated, or else all my campaigns will result in 0% succes rate ;-)
Hi there Rob!

Welcome to our Community!

About campaign manager, from what I remember you to create an action log. CreateCampaignLog. Just fill a CampaignLog entity - the CampaignListId attribute should have the value passed from your campaign (Campaign Manager automatically adds this parameter) and Action attribute should have the string "Received". After this, use the CreateCampaignLog action to create it and that's it.

Now that I remember this, it would be nice if this was encapsulated in a public action, to be used on other eSpaces. Maybe you can make this change and post your changes back? We'd really appreciate.

I hope to have helped, get back to me if you need further assistance.

Hi Gonçalo,

Thanks for your answer. It is working correctly now. We are probably going to use the solution in the future, we also might add some new functionalities to the solution (like e-mail groups and keeping track of multiple links in the e-mails). If we do we will post the solution back to the community.

Thanks again.
Hi Rob,

Glad it's working! Please come back if you need any further help.

Also, thanks for the availability to post the solution back to the community! Looking forward to see your changes!