Trying to build a validation rule over BUTTONGROUP which is under a LISTITEM which contains list of questions and BUTTONGROUP is used as an answer in the form of rating.Before submitting the data i want to validate all the questions are answered and if not then required questions needs to be highlighted or a message needs to be displayed. Please let me know how i can achieve this and if possible please provide an example.

HI Piyush,

The solution depends a bit on the datastructure you use. If it's a flat List (i.e. a List with Structures that don't have Lists themselves), you could use one of the System List Actions, e.g. ListAll to check whether all items have a certain condition. Otherwise, you need a For Each to loop over the list and check whatever conditions you want.

As for highlighting questions on the screen, you'll need an Boolean Attribute that indicates whether to highlight the question, and change the class or use inline CSS based on the value of that Attribute. Set it in your checking action above, and Ajax Refresh to display.

In case you don't understand what I'm saying above, perhaps now is good time to revisit the online tutorials and excersises, as all of the above is fairly basic stuff that's explained in there.