Sorting Widget - Header can't be aligned different from default (left)

Sorting Widget - Header can't be aligned different from default (left)

Hi Guys,

First of all congratulations for this brilliant widget.

Unfortunatelly when using this widget I found a problem when I align the text of the table header that uses it.

If I align centre or right the widget don't respond to the mouse right click on that columns.

Other thing that is happening on that columns that I aligned differently, is that the sort arrow that indicates if it is ascending or descending goes to the bottom of header text.

You can find examples of the two problems in the file attached.

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. If so please help me so I can solve the problem.

Thanks in advance

Pedro Alcântara
Hi Pedro,

For the first problem regarding the context-menu I think I've figured it out and I have a work-around for you. What happens is that when you press the right align button in the Service Studio, what service studio does is wrap your text in a html paragraph and set it's alignment to right, left or center. This action results in the script not finding the links to register for the context-menu. What you can do is, instead of using the align buttons in Service Studio, define a style property in the table cell. Follow the steps in the attached document.

Has for the other problem I think that it's related with the first one, since we're adding the sort image next to the link if the link is wrapped with a paragraph then you'll get the sort image bellow the link.

Hope this helps

The workaround worked perfectly.