How to Inactive Group in Outsystem


I have a group with certain users, i want to inactive group without deleting group from database

Is there a reason why you wouldn't want to delete the group?

The entity itself does not have a sort of IsActive flag, so inactivating is not a possibility here

What is your use case?

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I want to inactive group so all users belongs to that group is inactive ,all permission of that group is revoke in that case,

when i  want to active that group again so all users belongs to that group its all permission is resume again.

Hi Himanshu,

There is no way to do what you want. You cannot deactivate groups, not inactivate users via groups. If you want that functionality, you'll have to come up with your own solution (e.g. by copying group priviliges to a custom Entity, then removing them from the group; to activate, copy them back).

The only way you can have that pattern working is by removing all of the roles associated with the group itself

That can be done by using the Users application or programatically, whenever you want to "inactivate" the group, remove all of the permissions to the group, whenever you want to activate grant them back

A similar approach that can also be achieved the same results would be removing everyone from the group itself instead of the roles that belong to it 

Or you can have 2 groups, one when the "active" version the other with the "inactive" one, and you would swap the users between them

Basically creativity is your limit here, there is no out of the box answer for this :)

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@Pedro: I ninja'd you :)

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