Dynamic User Management Help

I want to create a page where registered users that are considered managers (through a role association that I set) have the ability to create new user accounts for personnel that fall underneath them. For example, a project manager user can create user accounts for site supervisors, and once logged in, those site supervisors can create user accounts for personnel underneath them at that site.

The "project manager" should not be manually setting the password for the new "site supervisor". Rather, the project manager inputs [Name], [Email], [Site], and then an email is sent to this site supervisor with a link that takes them to a page where they enter their desired password.

At a high level explanation, how do I achieve this? I'm still fairly new to OS and slowly learning.


Hi Jason,


I would say that one way to solve this is through a token system.

When you creates the user, saves a token associated with it in database, and send the mail with a link that includes the token. 

The page, when accessed will validate the token sent with the one stored. And find or validate the user.

Hope this helps.