I created 4 different screens and each one of them has a detail screen which I created by scaffolding. All 4 screens are connected. 1st  screen is Customer, 2nd screen is CustomerInitiative, 3rd screen is InitiativeActivity and last screen is ActivityNotes. They are connected so that each Customer can have many different Initiatives, each initiative can have many activities, and each activity can have many notes. When I create or update a customer in CustomerDetail, that customer is saved to the Customer page in a list, and when I create or update a customer initiative in the CustomerInitiativeDetail page that initiative is saved in the CustomerInitiative page, etc. However, when I get to my ActivityNotesDetail page and I try to create a new note, it shows me the "saved successfully" message but it doesn't show the newly created note in Activity Notes page. It remains blank on the table. I suspect its adding it to the database, I just don't know why its not showing on the end user page. How do I get the new note to show on the ActivityNotes page after saving it?


Do you realize that you're asking us to tell you the solution to a problem that we know nothing about, because you're not telling us how you're doing it?

Some advice on this type of situation.

Check if data is being stored. Just click the entity in Data layer to open context menu and than View Data. In the screen you can order or filter the data.

If the data is not there, check your save action. Use the debugger and execute the save step by step until you detect the problem.

If the data is there, check if it is correct. No missing FK? Everything is fine? If not, again, probably the problem is in the save action.

If data is there and is correct, than check the aggregate in the preparation of the list screen, as probably the problem is a fetching data problem. Check the filters. Check the join types and conditions. Misplaced Inner joins can kill your aggregate's ability to find data, as much as filters. Execute preparation in debug.

This will help you find the problem.