[Broadcast] Longitude Calculation in the filter

[Broadcast] Longitude Calculation in the filter

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Published on 4 Jul by Alex Popp
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Published on 4 Jul by Alex Popp

I have similar case, so I stumbled on your amazing app on Forge.

You may want to know the fact of longitude variable distance/length.

Regarding this filter to get Broadcasts in 1 miles:

We can calculate latitude easily because each latitude degree has same distance/length.

But longitude cannot be calculated that simple.

Longitude in the Earth Meridian has the longest distance, then it has less and lesser distance/length toward north/south pole.

Image result for latitude

Thanks for the information! I will apply it to my next update, and I am happy that you liked the app. 

Doh, I made mistake on above reply.

I totally switched the term, sorry.

Longitude circles is the one that have fixed distance/length no matter which degree is.

Latitude circles have different distance/length per degree. 

The longest latitude circle length is in Equator, and the circles shrink to a point toward North/South pole.