[Feedback] HE 4.1 Required?

[Feedback] HE 4.1 Required?


I noticed Hub Edition 4.1 started being required for new solution versions (Text, BinaryData, Style Guide...).
I understand this should be done at a certain point, but I believe many of us are still working in projects using 4.0, and retro-conversion is not possible... Using 4.0 in the solutions would allow their use on both HE versions.

Paulo Ramos
Hi Paulo,

You can download older versions compatible with the OutSystems Platform 4.0 by following the Version History link available in the Solution details page.

For instance, the version 1.2.0 of the Extension Text Solution is still listed in its Version History screen.


Rodrigo Castelo
Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for the feedback. I was aware I could download older 4.0 versions, but I feel that a few of us can miss new versions, which can include significant features or bugfixes.

Paulo Ramos