Schedule intermittent,

Dear All

Hello my Outsystems success use the scheduler for delivery of emails by category, and I set the hours for the sending, but sometimes sending sometimes also can not ,, please solve this issue intermittent,

Hello Hothorasman,

You realize that we can't solve your problem, as we don't even know what the problem is?
You say you are using the "scheduler". Do you mean, a Timer? Are you using a timer to send mails?
Sometimes the mails are sent, sometimes not? This is the problem?

If so, first you need to identify if the problem is at the side of OutSystems, or of the SMTP.
Mails will be put in a queue and will be sent deparately from the timer. But in Service Center there is the possibility for you to check if the mail was sent or, in case not, if there was an error.

If the mails are being sent by OutSystems, than you have to solve this issue with the provider of your SMTP.

If they aren't being sent, than you have to check if the problem is in the OutSystems platform (what is the error message), or if they are not even present in the message, debug your code to see if there is any problem that is causing the sending to sometimes fail.

Hope this can give you a direction to where go now.


Hi Hothorasman,

From your description it is somehow difficult to understand the problem, but it seems that you're addressing the wrong channel. I suggest that you contact OutSystems Support.