[Microsoft Login Connector] Creating a "Hello, World!" for the Microsoft Login Connector

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Published on 26 Mar (3 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado
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Published on 26 Mar (3 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado

I have gotten the Microsoft Login Connector Demo to work and am now attempting to create a "Hello, World!" app for the Connector, the absolutely simplest program, stripping away everything not absolutely necessary.  I created a very simple web app with just this in the Preparation action for the Homepage:

which is a very slightly modified version of the code from the Demo.  I'm getting this:

which puzzles me.  Do I need to have a different app registration with Microsoft for each app in which  I use the Connector?  Or should I be able to use the Connector in many places with only a single registration?


Dave Schuler

Hi Dave,

I am not sure if this is the problem. But it seems that you need to add the URL of your OutSystems app to the Microsoft Azure Reply URLs of your Azure app. I send you attached a image where you can add this URL.

Go to https://portal.azure.com/ 

then click on "Azure Active Directory" > "App registrations" > Choose your app > "Settings" > "Reply URLs"

and then add there the link.

I hope this will work. If not, let me know.

Thanks or the feedback.

Andreia Gaspar