Aggregates scope is not respected


I recently noticed that there is no error or anything blocking me from using the result of aggregate that is in another brunch. Is it a bug of recent version of the studio or I've never noticed this strange behavior? 

Hi Mykola,

I've noticed that also. I've tested in an eSpace mobile and this behavior doesn't happen.

I've been working with version 10.0.827.0.

What about your version? 


It is not a bug.

The aggregate is “created“ at the beginning of the action. So, the "result" is available even before it is executed or even if it is never executed. It will just be empty if you try to use, as it was not executed.

Weird behaviour, but it is by design.

But I think this happen only in Preparation, no? Than the fact this does not happen in mobile.



My version is 10.0.816.0

Thanks for explanation. It is not only in preparation though. I will add an idea to at least show a warning for such cases. As it is quite easy to hit and miss the correct aggregate in assign for example if there are several aggregates with similar name.