Working on the same project in two different machines

Hi, I've been working on a project using service studio in two different machines, but I still don´t have access to an OutSystems Server. My question goes on to how I can work with two different computers, sharing the same e-space, and publishing only on one of them.
Can you help on this? I have IIS installed, but not really using it. I'm using the solution used on the base version od OutSystems.
Thank's in advance,
Best regards,
Francisco Silva Neto
Hi Francisco,

When in Service Studio you publish an application, you can select the remote server you'll use.

The Select Server window allows you to type the server where you want to publish your application, so you only need to type the server dns name or IP address and your username/password credentials. By default, the server input says localhost but you can change this value to publish to any other server.

Note that you only need a Service Center installed in one server to publish your applications. In the development client machines, you only need Service Studio to develop your applications.

Hope this helps,

Rodrigo Castelo