Our company has signed up with OutSystems, and as part of our contract we get 2 guided sessions on topics of our choosing.

We are new to in-house development, and will be concentrating on mobile apps initially, so has anyone else here used these sessions? If so, what topics did you use them for, and are there any topics that you think we should be aiming for to help us on our journey? 

Hello Russell,

Are the guided sessions the online resources we have available or will they be presential?

I'd suggest taking a look here to start: https://www.outsystems.com/learn/paths/1/becoming-a-mobile-developer/

Hi Marco,

They apparently take the form of a Q&A style session on a conference call with an subject matter expert. This is in addition to all the online resources.

Hi Russell,

The best way to take advantage of this type of sessions is to prepare very wisely the questions you have about OutSystems development and then choose the topics according to your needs.

To start, I suggest you take the Mobile Path, that includes:

- Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps - Course

- Master Class on JavaScript and jQuery (how to use JS in OutSystems)

- Master Class on OutSystems 10 Mobile Development (plugins, offline, sync)

- Webinar: Troubleshooting Mobile Apps Performance


how many people does your team have? 

Hi Russell,

Vera's suggestion of preparing for the sessions and having questions ready is excellent.  Her suggestions for resources to review to help with learning Mobile are great too.

The Customer Success team that will host your guided sessions can also provide suggestions and guidance around topics in the calls.  They can suggest an order of topics to learn and discuss that corresponds to what will be coming up in the projects that you are working on.  This can help you be one step ahead of what you need in your projects.

Thanks for the guidance guys. It seems that the wisdom is to tailor them very specifically to our development needs, so we will look at that and see what shortcomings we are having as we continue down the path of growing as a team.

Thanks to you all for taking the time to reply.