Dynamic menu disappears

I've been using the Dynamic menus Solution in my eSpace. The "invoke menu" is within a web block. When I use a web screen that has no preparation, the menu appears. But when I call a web screen that has a preparation, it doesn´t. What can be the solution for this?
Thank you for the help,
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Vera Pereira
Hi Vera,

First of all welcome to the community!

As for the issue you are describing, could you please post a small example so that I can better see if I am able to help you in any way?

Tiago Simões
I would like to know where i can find the solution mentioned.
I've searched the whole site and i can't find it
If someone knows and could point me out where to find it please reply.

Thanks in advance
I think this solution is in style guide. I'm not sure, but I'll check.
Try to use this.
Thanks a million Francisco, just what i asked for!

Have a nice day and thanks once more!