Global Extensibility Configuration

Hi All, 

In our mobile we have we have some set of key - value pairs for Urbanairship plugin as a part of Global Extensibility configuration , but we need to have those values in Site Properties.

Does any one have idea how to do it? 

Hi Akshay,

Since Mobile Apps, unfortunately, don't support Site Properties, there's various ways of solving that. First, if you're app doesn't need to work offline, you can create a Server Action that returns the value or set of values you need. Secondly, especially if you do need offline capabilities, you could store the values in a Local Entitiy, and use data synchronisation to sync them.

Hey Killian, 

Thanks for your reply, but this does not solve exact problem which we are facing.

Do you have any idea of hoe to change Extensibility Configuration settings on Runtime ?

Hi Akshay,

Apologies, I read too quickly. I'm not sure what you want is possible, it seems to me that these are compile-time settings, and therefore can't be variable.