How to direct user to appropriate homepage

Example of issue:

I need all users to enter the application by going to a single URL in browser (

When they enter username and password and click "LOGIN", different users should be directed to a "homepage" that is specific to their assigned role.

User A is assigned role HRDepartment

User B is assigned role FinanceDepartment

How do I make each user get automatically directed to their appropriate department-specific homepage?


hi Jason,

 I suppose you can add a condition in the login action. After all the validations are done add a if condition at the last to check if the current user role HR or Finance department and set the destination accordingly

Hope this answers your question.



Hi Jason,

In the action of the "Login" button, add a 'Switch case' or the 'If Else' before the 'Destination' and then according to different conditions redirect users to different screens.

Hi Pravi,

I'm planning to implement the same concept for my application. I'm curious though why does the default flow link to a  external side element instead of a screen?


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