Maintain user permissions for read/write

Using personal environment platform version 10. 

What is an easy way to set up a two roles whereby one role can modify data (editable tables), enable links to pop up windows and another role can only view data?

I've set up the two roles already but I am trying to think of a way to implement the permissions on the widgets. 

Hi henry,

You can select the role for the write permissions in the service studio on the Add and Edit pages. On the Detail page the role for only viewing. 



Hi Henry,

You can Enable/Disable buttons, by checking the roles of the LoggedIn user. Just simply use the Check<RoleName>Role() function, and make the button enabled to the user who has the role for editing it. So only the person who has proper rights will be able to edit the data.


Hi Henry,

Complementing Pravi and Furkan, please take a look into this lessons

they are part of this course

They are a great start point to help you to use Roles.

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thank you all. I used Pravi's suggestion and changed the "Enabled" property of the editable table to the check role function. This works for buttons as well where I used the check role function in the visible property. 

Also watched the security lessons.