In-App Chat Mobile - How to make chat realtime

Hi Team,

I created a mobile app in which i leveraged the functionality of In-App chat mobile. I am able to initiate the chat but this is not realtime. i.e the messages are not instant, everytime i had to reload the chat screen to get the new messages. 

Can you please suggest how can i make my chat interactive like any other chat (whatsapp, facebook messenger etc...)


Hey Venkat,

You might need a firebase event,

Please use the following component,

Before using that do an Analysis of how to use firebase.




Just spent some time understanding how the In-App Chat Web component also works and it seems that there's an additional configuration you need to do in Firebase (also applicable to the In-App Chat Mobile), gently shared by Raj Manoharan in this post. Hope this saves someone's time in the future. Would be great to have it included in the how to configure post and others, too.