Dear All ,,

Please help

I create a schedule that I have set hours to run the query, My question:
1. When my server restarts, whether the schedule that I created is automatic way or not?
2. Is there any job limitation or schedule I made?

This message error job schedule that I found


Hello Hothorasman,

When the time to awake your timer is reached, the Scheduler call the Server Action associated.
If the Server Action fails, you will see the log error (as in your image). THe last log happens if after the maximum number of tentatives the timer still fails. It is just saying that it tried 3 times (default value) and it fail in all of them.

But before this one there must be three error messages related to what really failed.

So, you have to investigate if it is a timeout problem (common when dealing with large ammounts of data), a network problem, a logic problem (very common) or something else. The error message will give you a clue.

You can debug the timer, also. Put a breakpoint at the start of the action, turn on the debugger and from Service Center in the Timer page, press Run Now.

By the way, the timer is not automatically DEACTIVATED if it fails. So, next time specified to it to awake, it will run again.