Hi Team,

I have two list boxes one for region and one for Countries.Whenever  I am selecting one region in Region list box respected countries which belong to that region should be populated in the ListBox.

Here, region ListBox On change is not triggered when I am selecting the region. I donot Know why??..

I tried debugging also.But no solution found..

Please,Help me in this.



Hello Sri,

I made a test and everything seems to be working here.
Every time I select an element (or a group of elements) in my ListBox, it triggers the OnChange event and calls the associated Screen Action.

Could you provide some more info?

1. Platform version: 10, 9, other?

2. Application template:London (Web Application), Dublin, Lisbon, etc?

3. ListBox configuration (properties)

4. Is there any other widget / JavaScript associated with your ListBox?

5. If you inspect (console) of the page, is there any JavaScript errors?


Hi Eduardo,

1. Platform:10

2.London Template

4.Yes,Java Script

5.No errors.



Hi Sri,

If you have JavaScript that is messing with the ListBox, I would first remove it to see if it is the cause (most likely).
If the ListBox OnChange starts working, well, than you have to solve the problem with the JavaScript (that probably is deactivating the Outsystems handler), or not use it at all.