Processes > request timed out after 300 secs (5 minutes)

Hi all !

I built my first process: the procedure generates "n" PDF files. The procedure works correctly but, after 300 seconds, the thread is aborted.

I have the following messages ...

- Thread was being aborted

- Request timed out

- Scheduler Service: Error executing request for Activity CreazioneReportPDF. Request duration = 309 secs. 

After this period of time, the process starts again in a loop.

Can I extend this "window" of 5 minutes and let my process end ?

Thanks !


Hi Luca,

This is not possible for processes. You should visit this link to get more information.

Hi Luca,

No you cannot extend it. If your process takes longer than 5 minutes (for BPT light it is even only 3 minutes) you should consider to move the long running code to a timer.

For more info read:



Thanks for your answers but, unfortunately, I didn't understand your solutions ...

my process is launched by my users: they press a button and they wait for the PDFs that I have to create.

My first query retrieve the list of the items I have to print: at the moment I have 25 records ... but, in the future, the result can give me 30 / 40 or more records.

My activity cycles for 25 times and create 25 reports (page 1, page 2, page 3, etc. > save PDF file).

How can I "split" my procedure or put a timer in it ??

The timer can be inserted only in the "Process" ... but my process is launched one time and create all the reports.

Is it possible for you to create a master record with 25 child records? That way you can launch a process for each of the reports. You can even check if Light BPT isa fit for that scenario.