Error on Extension FtpWebRequest

Error on Extension FtpWebRequest

I've installed Extension FtpWebRequest in a 4.1 express edition server. When I try to request a dir command or something else in FtpRequestSample app, an exception message from extension occurs:

Unable to cast object of type 'System.Net.FtpWebRequest' to type 'FtpWebRequest'.

The extension was made to 3.1+ versions that use .NET 1.4, it has anything to do with .NET (v 2.0) plataform on 4.1 plataform server?

I would also like to start using this extension, have you managed to solve the problem you reported?
As this extension is published in a beta version, can anyone tell me if it is stable and fully working?

Thanks in advance
Hi, the reason of this problem was that you cant use this extension on same machine that you have ftp server. Because FtpWebRequest is converted to "C:\..." path. It works fine on different machines. Instead of using this on local computer, use FileSystem Extension.


André Alho
I did have the same problem, and it is because in the .Net framework 2.0 the FTPWebRequest is totaly changed.

Attached is a rewritten component for the .Net 2.0 Framework.

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Matthias Preuter

I'm using your extension and it works fine except for the file's creation date. It's not parsing the year and the time. Only parses the month and the day.

Have you experienced this error? Can it be because of the server date time format where the files are?

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Paulo Portela
How do i read the xif file? I realise the is a really old post but I have the same error with a program written in 2003 - if runs on XP and on Window 7 (but That is where I now have Vb installed) but comes up with the error when I run it on a machine with Vista (no my machine!!).

Thanks for any help on this even if you same - upgrade VB to .....


Hi Steward,

And welcome to the Outsystems Community!

Xif files are Extensions used by the OutSystems Platform.
You can open them and view the .net Souce code using Integration Studio, that you can find on the Download page under Agile Platform.

João Rosado