Hi - I would like to initially hide the default image that displays in the P10 Mobile Image Upload.

I would just like the black part to display - but not the "sun and mountains" image. 

Once an image is selected, then I want it to display.

I peeked at the CSS and it is not obvious to me how to override this.

Does anyone know how to hide the default image?




Hi ,

To solve your problem just add one gray background image in your module and set the default image property of image widget(inside the upload widget) to recently added gray background image as follows :

Or if you want to hide default image initially then Enclose image widget(inside the upload widget) in container and set visible property to image <> NullBinary() as follows : 

where image is a local variable that holds uploaded image.


That works, Kiran. I had not even noticed the default image option. Thanks for pointing it out. :)