First of all let me say that I think that the OutSystems community is great. I've experienced first hand great support from community members and MVP's in particular (as well as OutSystems support).

Recently I browsed the page, and noticed there are a lot more MVPs than that I see active on the forum, building forge components or writing blogs.

Just out of curiosity, some of the MVPs have barely no form posts, no components and no blog or publications. What is it that entitles them to be MVP? 



Organizing events, meetups to engage the community could be one of those things.

Hello Daniel,

Complementing João's answer - which is totally correct -, please find below a snippet of a question on the MVP nomination form:

Despite believing that this list is not fully exclusive - any other relevante contribution outside of this area might be considered -, this is a very good starting point to understand the categories in which people might "fit" when being considered MVP's.



Thanks guys for the replies.

As I see the "Speaking at, organizing local meetups or both" is apparently the contribution category that is not so visible in the Members page of the MVP's. One can only see their components, posts and blogs.


That's true - to some extent. On the new profile page, there are badges for Public Speaking and for Meetup Organizers.

For what I believe it's a perfectly understandable reason, some people don't have those badges yet. I know at least a couple of examples that could have the Speaker and the Meetup Organizer badges.


Probably only public or announced events  (Public Speaking and Meetups) should be considered. And in order other members can participate, outsystems could create an area where we could consult (a type of agenda)...