Assign parameter in the form to add new record


I have been trying to assign an a parameter (another entity Id)  in the form to create new sets of record. 

Case: Job has a many Loads. I want to have users to be able to create a Job and add Loads belong to the Job. 

I created empty Job form from Job aggregate. After user enter values into the form, click the link to create empty Load form. When this happens, I like to the Load form to have JobId already filled in, so the user does not have to look for the Job and select. I could not find the way to do this. Help!


Hello Sang,

A Form has a Record. It is created based in the Form Source property, set typically to the current of a list or to a local variable (record).

You need to set the value in the source, not directly in the form, on page load (preparation).

After page load, this does not work, than you have to set directly into the Record of the form (through assign), and refresh the form (if on an Screen Action called with Ajax Submit).



Thank you!.  Set to the record "after" the form is created, and then Ajax refresh when Save is clicked.  Why couldn't I think of that????