Consumed REST API - URL truncation

I've been building an integration to an internal (vendor build) application that consumes a REST API.

When testing the REST API in Service Studio, the method call is fine and returned results as expected.  However, running through the compiled application causes a 500 error.  It took a while to track down why, but the integration logs in Service Center (once the API logging had been turned up to full) showed the HTTP request being made.

The URL is being truncated.  For instance, the same data used in Service Studio used:


Whereas, the HTTP call logged in Service Center showed:


Has anyone else seen this, or have any ideas why this might be happening?  I'm sure it's something I've missed but I can't see it.

Hi Steve,

Can't say I have personally seen this, but it sounds weird indeed. Is there a way to track what the other service actually receives, just to rule out there's a bug in the HTTP logging in Service Center?


Turns out it was something I missed.  I'd not increased the maximum length of the input field on my test screen :facepalm:


Heh, thanks for reporting back :). Can happen to us all :).