hi all, i'm trying to add firebase js library to my mobile app on a screen inside OnReady event.

this is my code :

However, i always get warning about firebase is not defined. i tried to follow this instruction  https://firebase.google.com/docs/web/setup?hl=id. How to solve this?

Thanks all.


What about using this forge component instead?



Hi eduardo, i want to use the firebase storage feature. I've tried the component that you mention, but it confused me, like, how to send/upload image to my firebase storage etc. I don't know what to do with the generated token that i get from that component. 

thank you


This app uses the component:


You can figure out how to use it. The api version used by the plugin is 2.

You can also open the plugin (It uses Firebase Core), and check how they connect. This will help you even if you decide to go from scratch.