Hi guys!

I try making todos Apps using outsystems tutorial,

i am in stylesheet exercise module, but my note list still not marked with golden star even i am follow the tutorial precisely. on my todo detail i already mark my note with golden star before save. anyone can help me what i am missing?

Please, attach your app module so we can take a look.

But usually you need to use debug and follow the execution of the logic to understand what is wrong.


Hi Ikhsan,

If you're StarOnClick Client Action looks like Figure 13 in Step t on page 13 (making sure that the True and False branches are correct), then the problem is usually in the assignment.

Check to see if the assignment has GetToDoById.List.Current.ToDo.IsStarred as the variable and then...

not GetToDoById.List.Current.ToDo.IsStarred as the value.

If that is set properly, you could check the condition of your If statement in step m.  If the problem isn't in one of those steps, then it would really help to have the exported OML as Eduardo suggested.


I have the same issue, i followed exactly the same instructions, and i deleted it and did it again but still not working. The same question is asked here https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/22958/how-to-update-isstarred/ 

Hello Maitha,

Please, take a look at the answer I gave on the post you metioned.