File Compressor (Zip)

Try it now for File Compressor (Zip) is not working.
Hi Gonçalo,

Thanks for the warning, the online demo has now been corrected.

Tiago Simões

Try It Now for File Compressor (Zip) is not working.

Hi Ana,

Thanks for the tip. That should be working correctly now.

Tiago Simões

I'm trying the ZipSample in my server and I get the error that the folder is invalid or is corrupted.

Sorry about the question, I really tried to open the zip.xif extension to check what it does to find the answer, but my Integration Studio get's crazy with it. 
It loses all configurations and keep on asking if I want to define the options and doesn't want to open! (it might be that the extension is also for Java and I don't have it).

Thank you!
Hi Carolina!

How are you?

I tried to open the zipSample eSpace, and indeed it does bring up a warning, but it just means that you need to open it with Service Studio 4.1 or 4.2, before upgrading it to 5.0.

Are you using your Service Studio to open it? What version are you on?

I upgraded it to 4.2 and attached it here. Hope it helps.


Paulo Tavares

Hi Paulo!!
Thank you for you message, but the ZipSample I can open... the problem is when I try to open the extension (.xif) in Integration Studio (4.2) to view the code...
I can open it but cannot open the source code, since it keeps saying I have to define the options (see attachment).
I think it's because I don't have Java.
Thank you in advance!

Hi Carolina.

What Integration Studio version are you using?

Weirdly enough, that should not happen, but if that shows up, just say yes to that dialog, and disregard the Java options. It might say that you'll lose the Java code - but then again, that shouldn't bother you since you won't be using it, right?

I recall that entering a weird loop indeed, but I think there's some way out of that dialog that will allow you to edit the code ;)

Why do you want to edit the code, by the way?


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo!
I've tried everything! But ok!
I don't want to change anything, I just want to see what the code does, because I'm facing an error (attached), that the zip file is corrupted.
I download the file, but it's corrupted.
So I want to see the code because maybe I need to give permission is some windows folder.
Thank you!!

Hi Carolina.

Well, I've attached the source code of the extension here, hope it helps.

If you don't manage to get it working, I suggest you get in touch with our support, since I'm not really sure what might be the problem - asides the file actually being corrupted :)


Paulo Tavares