Tip: Setting screen width in Enterprise Manager 4.1.4

Tip: Setting screen width in Enterprise Manager 4.1.4

Hi all,

Have any of you required that a backoffice screen in Enterprise Manager automatically set its width?

You may already know about goSetHeight javascript function which works the same for height and is integrated with Enterprise's Header webblock. This way all screens incorporating the header will have their frame height set.

For doing the same regarding width follow these steps:
  • In Enterprise eSpace, Directory screen, Extended Properties: copy and change functions getDocHeight(doc) and setIframeHeight(iframeName);
  • In Enterprise eSpace javascript: copy and change function goSetHeight()
  • In Enterprise eSpace, Header webblock, look for screen expression <script to invoke goSetHeight>, copy and change it to your own screen;

  • This will grow all the necessary screen width to support that fat backoffice page :)

    Pedro Gonçalves