[FileSystem] Issues with multiple frontend servers.

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Published on 21 Feb by João Portela
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Published on 21 Feb by João Portela


Sometimes when reading a previously added file we get an error stating that the file does not exist at the given location. This only seems to happen at our production environment after we added a 2nd frontend server.

Note, we are storing the files in the temp folder.

Is there a solution in solving this problem? Or should we resort to database storage instead?

Cheers, Joey.

File System is not shared between frontends. You need either to save the files on the database as binary, have a shared volume between the servers or use another technology ie: amazon s3 buckets.

Maybe it is a solution to publish the app in a seperate zone, that only is configured for 1 of the 2 Front End Srevers.

I'm going to revive this topic since I'm having the same issue.

What’s new (3.0.0)

FileSystem is merged with Network FileSystem and therefore the optional parameters domain, username and password are added to each action for User Impersonation.

Based on the updated File System, it seems like FileSystem component now has the option to connect to a domain. Is there a tutorial or example OML or sample page that details 

1.) How to obtain Domain information,

2.) How to obtain User & password information



You can't obtain Domain, User & password.

To access a file or folder you have to 

  • Use or create a user for the specific domain
  • Set the right priviliges to the file and/or folder you want to access with FileSystem component.

Kind regards,

Matthias Preuter

Joey Moree, Josef Balisalisa Did above solution help you?

Hi Matthias Preuter,

It nudged me in the right direction thanks.

What I managed to "make work" is to use another component: 

Active Directory

Configured the said component then added a user in the active directory.

For the domain I used the URL of the server that can be found in Lifetime.

So far, I was only able to use a "single" domain / server when doing file uploads, which completely eliminates the benefits of having multiple servers. (Note: only when uploading files).

Maybe next time I'll try to refactor our code so that it will "round robin" between servers after each upload. For now the use of a "single" server works okay.