[FileSystem] Issues with multiple frontend servers.

[FileSystem] Issues with multiple frontend servers.

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Published on 5 Jan by Labs
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Published on 5 Jan by Labs


Sometimes when reading a previously added file we get an error stating that the file does not exist at the given location. This only seems to happen at our production environment after we added a 2nd frontend server.

Note, we are storing the files in the temp folder.

Is there a solution in solving this problem? Or should we resort to database storage instead?

Cheers, Joey.

File System is not shared between frontends. You need either to save the files on the database as binary, have a shared volume between the servers or use another technology ie: amazon s3 buckets.

Maybe it is a solution to publish the app in a seperate zone, that only is configured for 1 of the 2 Front End Srevers.