[Ciphered Local Storage Plugin] Could not open database Error

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Published on 4 Sep by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 4 Sep by OutSystems R&D


I'm performing some tests over this plugin in order to use it on a Client's Application but i'm getting a behavior that might be something that possibly could discard the use of this Plugin.

I know that for Android devices, every time we remove completelly the Lock Screen Security it doesn't allow you to use the Application but i wasn't expecting that after setting up again the Lock Screen Security the Application becomes completely useless. I need to uninstall and install all over again.

Attached are the errors being generated on Service Center.

Is this the expected behavior?


Hello Pedro, 

I don't know if you discover the reason, but this my answer:

Like says in the link related to this plugin: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1500/ciphered-local-storage-plugin, if you update an existing app to use this plugin will fails, and you have to unistall, and install the new version. This is because the device will try to open the existing database, but it will fail, since it is expecting a ciphered database instead. 

But if after that push, all the users have the app with the plugin, this will not happen anymore. 

I use this plugin in my app, is annoying the first time that you deploy, but after that you don't face the issue no more.