[Employee App Template] Is there an online community for Silkui?

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Published on 2018-04-23 by Labs
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Published on 2018-04-23 by Labs


I am interested to find out if anyone else is using this ?

Hello Johann,

It's possible, since the component as 913 downloads. 

Are you looking for specific help?


Hello Johann,

As Armando said, this specific Component (Employee App Template) has 913 downloads.

Looking at the topic title, I believe you are also asking about the framework Silk UI.

Silk UI is a Low-Code UI Framework for Mobile and Web Apps and has a great adoption by our customers since it was release back in 2015 (currently, the Web part of the framework has more than 20.000 Downloads)

The framework is fully supported by OutSystems, and its delivered via the OutSystems Forge.

Regarding the "online community", it is actually where we currently are: the OutSystems Forums. In these forums, you can find a lot of different threads about the framework and how to use it.

If you have any questions about the framework, feel free to ask, and surely someone from the community (including the framework developers) will gladly answer it.


Samuel Jesus