Problems using extension Enhanced Web References


In my project I have to access a 3rd Party external Web Service and I have a proxy to access internet.
I'm using the SetWebReferenceProxy function before calling the web service's method and I'm setting the Web Reference Name, Proxy address, proxy username and password but I get the following error:

The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.

I am sure that the user and password are correct as if I log in to the machine with that user and password I can access the web service's wsdl, for example.

Hi Nelson

If you're using a domain authentication username this error will occur if you specifically set the domain in the username, like "DOMAIN\username".

When using the EnhancedWebReferences extension, and if the proxy and the front-end exists in the same Windows domain, you can use the domain username to authenticate, but without the "DOMAIN\" prefix specified. The server will assume the default domain.

Hope this information is useful.