integration studio list data

hi i'm start learning to create extension by import dll file so i need to know how to get data for example List<String> from C# to outsystem for now i can't complete my extension couse it say that i can't convert System.Collections.Generic.List<String> to OutSystems.NssExtension.RLDataRecordList for now i don't know what to do next to convert List<String > to recordList or i have to send it by Object type and then how to convert Object to list in outSystem

ps. Data is a Structure that contain 1 param

thank you for your help


Hi Suchanon,

To pass data in a specific Record List (unfortunately, Integration Studio doesn't support Lists, only Record Lists), you need to create the Record definition inside Integration Studio, and create a List of it in your C# code. This is not entirely trivial, and badly documented, but you might be able to find some clues by looking in the code generated for the objects.