I'm doing a compare vs some existing apps for clients.

One of them is a mobile app which is nothing more than a webview to expose their mobile-friendly website, along with some push notifications.

In existing Xamarin app - a WebView is used for this, which translates well to both Android and iOS.  

Is there an easy parallel in OS?

Hello Joshua,

I think this is what you're looking for.

But to short, yes, OutSystems mobile is built on top of a Webview and the same application can be used to generate iOS and/or android packages.


That *is* useful information, and I thank you for the link.

However, i just want to load an *existing* webpage into a webview, via outsystems.  

It seems like this would be easy, but I didn't see a way to do it in Service Studio.   I'm guessing I missed something easy.  Any idea?

Hi Joshua.

I think you need to use the InAppBrowser plugin. It is on Forge :)