[Test Framework] Show Applications link gives error

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Published on 2018-03-26 by Indigo Leap
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Published on 2018-03-26 by Indigo Leap


My Outsystem environment is on premise v 10.0.816.0. 

After installing Test Framework from the forge, I followed youtube video provided there. 

When I try to add a New Test Suite, the link "Show Application" gives this error message shown in the first screenshot. 

So I located the screen (TestSetupFlow/SuitesList) and saw this link was associated to GetApplications screen action. 

From there I saw GetAllApplications node referenced the TestFramework_Lb_lib Server Action "ApplicationList".  I went there. 

From there I saw that "Application_List" node was making a rest call to LifeTimeApi method "Applications_List".

I opened that call to see what URL was being used.  I saw the first part of the url had LIFETIMEURL. 

I did a search for LIFETIMEURL and found no references.  

So I tried and replaced LIFETIMEURL with my actual outsystems url as the base url.  

I have been working with the lifetime rest api and I put my token into the LifeTimeApiToken in site variables. 

After applying those changes, I still got an error, but this time it is the 2nd screenshot with a 404 not found error message. 

So I went to the rest api and test it directly from Service Studio shown in 3rd screenshot. 

I used the same url and I got a response.

Also not sure about the 2 dropdown menus: Based On and Depends On. 

Hello Ewin,

I do not know the application, but I would say that the lifetimeurl is probably a Site Property. 

To check this, look into the Data Layer, Site Properties.

If you find it, to set it, you will have go to Service Center -> Factory, find the app, select the module where this site property is  and then open the Site Property tab and set the value.

I imagine that being this the problem, putting there the URL of the lifetime will solve the problem without needing to mess with the code :)

Please, let me know.



It ends uo not being a site property.

It is the base address of the REST web service LifeTimeAPI in the TestFramework_LT_lib module...
Probably this must be set up in Service Center, in the Integrations tab of this module.