I'm trying to get an entity into a form widget. Right now I don't get the entity (State) itself but rather the attributes of that entity (see attachment). I have tried everything I could but nothing seems to work.

Thank you in advance


It's not really clear what is it that you're trying to achieve. What exactly do you mean by "get an entity into a form"? The form's "Record" property's type is actually your entity. In your case, it's "State".


Hi moonwatah,

The image you show is from an Expression Editor, right? If you click the "Record" label, on the right side you'll see its data type:

This meand that the Widget's Record Property (in my case above Form1.Record) has a data type as shown (in my case CRM_ACCOUNT), and below it, the Attributes of that data type are shown. This is exactly similar to the way all other Parameters, Variables and Attributes are shown in Service Studio. For example, this is what the above looks like as a Local Variable:


Just to complement Kilian Answer,

If the source of the Record is a compound type, like the ones you get from an aggregate list when you have more than one Entity in it, the Form Record will show first each Entity, and below it the attributes.

This is to prevent name clash between the attributes, so you always know from which entity the attribute comes.

When there is a single entity, the entity name is not there, as there is no name clashing possible. In this case, you access the attributes direct (like Kilian showed).