[Custom Input Masks] 4 digits decimal 
Forge component by Sara Gonçalves


I'm using the currency mask to show my input field like 0000,0000€

These input fields are being filled with data from a json file.

The value can be for example 1.2345 or 12,3456 or 123.4567 and looks-like 

  - 1,2345€   OK 

- 12.3456    NOT-OK

- 123,4567€  OK.

So, I don't  understand why the second value does give the right mask 12,3456€ .

Any ideas?


Hi Arnold,

If you replace the "," for "." it works? Which configuration are you using? Which configuration you used for the mask? Didnt you configure "," as decimal separator?

For curiosity this values are set from a json but than the user can change them correct?




I use in the configuration "," as a decimal separtor.

When the User change the field it works fine . So when he  change this field with 12.3456 , the result is 12,3456€. 

That's why I mentioned that the value comes from a structure field.

Regards ,


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