I need this espace, where can i download it?
Hi João

Why do you need that eSpace? Is it referenced in some solution?
The functions that i needed (StripChars_Text,StripChars_DBField) were in that espace, but they were also in espace OracleUtils. I have not seen them before sending the post. Thanks any way!

Hi João

Effectively there was an error with the OracleTemplates eSpace, it was referencing the wrong eSpace (it was referencing ESSUtils instead of OracleUtils).

We have just updated the technote on the community, so you can download it and have the fixed OML. If you prefer, you can change the references yourself, using the Find and Replace Usages feature, since it is the only change we have made.

Thank you for the heads up!


Acácio Porta Nova, Jr.
Dear Acácio

There's a dependency "widgetlibrary40_ext", i couldn´t find it.
Can you send it?


João Inácio